Visual Regex Creation gets faster results!

Visually Create, Use and Reuse powerful Regex based solutions

Textpression makes visually creating Regular Expression (regex) based solutions easier than ever before:

With Textpression’s drag and drop editor, you can forget about regex syntax and concentrate on creating solutions to solve a multitude of problems.

The solutions you create can be stored as Modules for later use. Proven Modules can be combined as building blocks to solve complex problems, in ways that allow you to retain a high level visual overview of your objectives.

Flexibly search and modify text…

Try out your regex on some test text…

…or put it to work on a selection of files or folders.

You can step through regex matches, accepting or rejecting the changes, or simply allow Textpression to replace each match it finds.

…and use your regex solutions in popular programming languages

Textpression can convert your solutions into languages including PERL, Java, C#, VB.net and PHP.

Just choose the language you need.

Then select the code snippet that does what you want.

Then drop your code snippet containing your regex into your code.