Solving a multitude of problems

When standard Search and Replace won’t do

Search and Replace is fine when you’re looking for an exact match, but it’s not so good when you are looking for something that requires a more abstract form of description. The cases below should give you some idea of the power of TextPression. Bare in mind that when you create a task you can easily store it for reuse; you can also use it as the basis of more advanced powerful tasks.

Email address validation and substitution

Textpression allows you to easily locate an email address and substitute any part of it for alternative data. So if for example one or more people in your organisation have changed department, you can easily update the department part of their email addresses.

Context Sensitive Search and Replace for developers

Search and replace in source code can be a pain. You get the matches you want, plus a lot you don’t! TextPression can make the job a whole lot easier by allowing you to specify alternate matches. For example if you’ve recently altered a number of functions to take additional arguments, you can search in one shot for any of the affected functions.

Get entries related to specific actions from log files

When extracting information from log files, you are rarely looking for a direct match; rather you are looking for information which follows a particularly entry ( or perhaps you want to specifically exclude matches that are followed by a particular entry ). Again TextPression’s simple interface makes this easy.

And so much more…

The examples above really only scratch the surface of what is possible with TextPression. Over the coming months we’ll be updating the site with more information on how you can leverage the power of Textpression.